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Manage your Shopify store data by importing and exporting human readable Excel files.

Load data with Excel file template

Convert and import data feeds from dropshippers, ERP systems, e-commerce platforms, or any other complicated data files.

Update your existing store data in bulk

If you have 300 items or 300-thousand items in your store, this app will allow you to update only fields you want to update, without the need to re-import everything. Or bulk delete any items too.

Copy your store data to other stores

Very quickly replicate your whole store data to many other stores for development or testing purposes, or to expand your store operations in other regions.

Schedule and auto-repeat your imports

Schedule imports and updates at a given time in the future, or set the imports to repeat at time intervals.

Import and export custom formats

Whatever is your source data format - we can make the app to import from that. The same with the export.

Generate reports by using exported data

Use your store data as reports. Combine data from Orders, Fulfillments, Transactions, Customers, Products to slice & dice your data. Fancy Pivot Tables?






Shopify Orders Import Export




Migrate to Shopify from another platform

Is it BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, or any other store platform with their own file formats - our mission is to help you migrate to Shopify, and this app will be irreplaceable tool in the process, together with our helpful support which will assist you along the way.

Migrate To Shopify from WooCommerce, Bold Commerce,, Magento

Extend your Shopify store to other marketplaces

Google Shopping Amazon

Google Shopping


Export your Products in the Google Shopping Data Feed format which you can import into Google Shopping. Export your Products in the Amazon Inventory Flat File format, which you can import to Amazon Seller Central.

Our customers love it!

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Worked perfectly first time on a fairly complex product migration of 6000 products including meta data. Easily the most straightforward import/export experience I've had with Shopify. 
It was also great to get chat support during the process!

November 14, 2017


Maris is absolutely awesome! Walked me through step by step on how to import/export pretty much my entire store. I highly recommend this app for transferring bulk items. Support is phenomenal and couldn’t ask for more help, than what I received. 5/5 stars by far!

November 17, 2017

Ssdb Vinyl


I have been using the Bulk Import Export Update with Excel app for the past week and it is by far the best import/export app for Shopify. We have a lot of metafields for our products and the app handles those perfectly, allowing us to bulk update metafield data on import. When you run a full export (you can choose what you want to export), it combines all of the product data and metafield data in to a single file. This is also a great way to do a complete product backup of your store. The app also provides downloadable error reports on export and import and let’s you know how long the process will take and the remaining time to completion. Their support is truly excellent. Using the chat system within the app, within a few seconds someone is there to help and answer any questions. All in all, a fantastic app. This one will go in our Top 10 apps!

November 13, 2017

Timespace Store

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