Product Price Bulk Update

To do the Shopify Product price bulk update, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Export Products to Excel:

Export all products into Excel file with with Bulk Import Export Update with Excel app.

Step 2 – Update new Product Prices in that Excel file:

Open this exported file for editing in Excel. You can remove all unnecessary columns and all rows with empty Variant ID. The key is: to have product ID, Variant ID and Variant Price. This is necessary for the App to identify which price belongs to which Variant and Product.

Find column “Variant Price” and rename it – let’s say Variant price + yesterdays date, just so you remember, what was the old price, but that is not mandatory. Add new column and call it “Variant Price”. Enter the new prices – either by hand, or calculate by formula from the old product price. Excel file with new Product prices will look like that:

Save your file!

Step 3 – Import Products Excel to Shopify:

Import that Excel file back to Shopify with the same app, and check new prices in Shopify Admin – those are now updated:

Useful to know about Shopify Product price bulk import:

  • You don’t have to import all columns back – you can keep just those columns in the import Excel file, which you want to update. To update product price, you need to keep the following columns only: “ID”, “Variant ID”, “Variant Price”. ID field will allow to identify the Product, but “Variant ID” will allow to identify the Variant of the product.
  • If you don’t have the ID (or Variant ID), then you have two options:
    • You can do the Export, then in that Products Export file you will have ID and Variant ID columns filled in.
    • Or you can have the “Handle” column filled with Product Handles, and must have all the Option and Variant fields from which the Import will either find or re-create Product Variants with all the new data, including the new Product prices. Then you can have ID and Variant ID columns empty. In that case you need to mark the checkbox to “Update items which have no ID, but are found in store by Handle.”. That is useful, if you have several stores, and need to do Product price bulk update in all those Shopify stores. Handles will be the same for those Products, while ID will differ.
  • You can have other columns in that Excel file for your own need. If those are named in some other names, the Product bulk Update process will ignore them.
  • Essentially, by the same principle you can update any other single field of your Products, Collections or Customers – by having this one column of data only. Just make sure you have the related ID fields filled, so that import knows, which item it needs to update.

Where to go from here?

  1. Install the “Bulk Import Export Update with Excel” app from AppStore and do your Shopify Product price update.
  2. Read the Field Descriptions about the Excel file columns that can be exported and imported to Shopify.
  3. Ask our Support to help you prepare the import file, report an issue or ask for a new feature you desperately need.