Bulk Update Product Handles

Shopify Bulk Update Product Handles

You can bulk update product handles the following way:

Step 1: Export Existing Products

Select to export only Products, and click Export.

Bulk Update Handles of Products in Shopify


Step 2: Prepare The Import File

Download the Export file, which will look like this:

Bulk Update Handles of Products in Shopify

Since you need to update only Handle field, you don’t need the other fields and additional rows in the import file.

Clean it up by removing columns which you don’t want to update. Also remove the additional rows, so that you have only one row per Product. Best way to do that in Excel is filter to show all rows where Title is Blank. And then delete those rows.

The import file for bulk update product handles should look like this:

Shopify Bulk Update Product Handles


Step 3: Import Product Handles Bulk Update File

Do the import from the app.

Shopify Bulk Update Handles

After import is complete, go to check your new product handles in Shopify Admin.

It’s located in the Product page, block “Search engine listing preview”, when you click the link “Edit website SEO”.

Shopify Bulk Update Product Handles


Additional Tips

  • When updating Handle the app by default will also create a Redirect from old Handle to the new one. You can turn this off in the Import options with importing a file.
  • You can update handles of Smart Collections and Custom Collections the same way as Product Handles.
  • You can update e-mails of Customers the same way.
  • You can update any other field or combination of fields by the same principle.
  • If you need to update Variant fields, look into this tutorial: Shopify Product Price Bulk Update.
  • It will not create additional Products (or any other items), because it will identify by ID field that you need to update existing Product (or other item) with this import.

Where To Go From Here?

  1. Install the Bulk Import Export Update with Excel app from Shopify AppStore and try bulk update for Free on your own store.
  2. If you need to update Product Variants, look into this Tutorial: Shopify Product Price Bulk Update.
  3. Read the detailed Field Descriptions.
  4. Read other Tutorials.
  5. If you are not sure how to prepare the import file, ask our Support, we will teach you, or do that for you.