“Stopped to prevent damage of losing images, because images don’t exist.”

Product images loss prevention

When importing images to Shopify for Products or Collections, the app has a safeguard mechanism that prevents you from accidentally deleting images, if new image URLs don’t exist.

If you update an existing item, and it turns out that the image URL is not valid or image doesn’t exist there, then the import will stop with an error:

Stopped to prevent damage of losing images, because images don’t exist. If you still want to proceed, you can switch this safeguard off in Options before pressing Import button.

What to do when this happens?

That means that there is at least one image that Shopify was not able to download for some reason – either it’s not existing, or the URL is not valid, or it’s too big for Shopify to import.

Ideally, you would need to open the Import Results file and check the Import Comment column of the last lines to see, which images have problems. That will give you a clue of where the problem is, and you can solve that in the original import file, and repeat the import.

How to disable this safeguard?

If you are updating existing items, and you are sure that some images might not exist (e.g. when importing images by guessing their URLs), then you might want the import not to stop when an image is not imported. You can switch that off in the Options button, which appears after you upload the file, but before you press the Import button.

Shopify - Stop if images cannot be downloaded for updated itemsRemove the checkbox for “Stop if images cannot be downloaded for updated items” – then the import will not stop and will just continue even if images don’t exist.

When doesn’t it stop?

When importing new items, then the app will not stop in this case, because there is no potential harm you can do if no images exist. But still, if images will not be found, it will either have Failed status, or it will be OK, with a Warning in the Import Comment column that tells, which images was not possible to import.