Schedule import to Shopify from Google Drive


You can sync your files with Google Drive, and in this tutorial, you will see how to seamlessly upload and import that file into your Shopify store – every day, automatically.

It basically means that the app will use the file that is on your computer and import it daily to Shopify. Thanks to the Google Drive file syncing.

To sync files on your computer with Google Drive, you need to install the “Backup and Sync” app, provided by Google.

It will import any of the supported formats.

To import the Google Sheet directly, read this tutorial: Schedule import to Shopify from Google Sheets.

Steps to import file from Google Drive to Shopify

  1. Sync your file to Google Drive.
  2. Copy Google Drive public shared link.
  3. Paste your Google Drive link in the app.
  4. Schedule the regular import from that Google Drive URL.

1. Sync your file to Google Drive

When you have successfully set your synchronization of files from your computer to Google Drive, you should see your file on your

Locate it in your Google Drive folder and see that it’s really there.

Make sure that any changes you make to it on your computer, is really synced to the cloud.Sync Shopify from Google Drive - make sure Excel file gets synced

2. Copy Google Drive public shared link

Right-click mouse on that file, and choose the “Get shareable link“.

That will generate a unique public link that points to this file.

Copy that link.Sync Shopify from Google Drive - get shareable link

3. Paste your Google Drive link in the app

Open the “Bulk Import Export Update with Excel” app in your Shopify store, install it if you haven’t already.

Scroll down to the “Import” section, and paste the URL there.

Sync Shopify from Google Drive - paste the URL into the import appThen press the blue “Upload from URL” button – so that the app can upload the file and analyze it.

Don’t worry – it will not import that just yet, you will need to set additional options first.

4. Schedule the regular import from that Google Drive URL

After the app has finished uploading and analyzing the file, you will see the “Options” button there.

Press that button and set up the import options – the scheduled time for your next import in your Shopify store time zone.

And repeating time interval.

Your eventual options will look like this:Sync Shopify from Google Drive - setup the schedule and repeating

Notice the “Take import file from URL” – that is pointing to your file in the Google Drive. The app will download the fresh file each time it repeats the import.

Now, press the “Schedule Import” button.

It will schedule the import and if the date and time for the first import have already passed, then the app will start the first import shortly after you schedule it.

Good to know

  • You can see the progress of all your scheduled imports and exports in the “History & Schedule”. You can also cancel any of those jobs from there. You can download the import results file from there, too.
  • The scheduled time is in your Shopify store time zone.
  • You can also schedule import files to Shopify store from FTP and Dropbox the same way.
  • You can also import files from Google Drive manually – by just pasting that Google Drive link. That will make your file upload much faster because you will not need to upload the file from your own computer.
  • Import, not just Products data – import and update any of supported by formats.