Update Tracking Numbers for existing Orders in Bulk

Update Shopify Order Fulfillment Tracking Numbers in Bulk

To bulk update the Tracking Numbers of existing Shopify Order Fulfillments:

  1. Export the existing Orders with Fulfillments using the Excelify app – to Excel or CSV file.
  2. Edit the file so that you just keep the columns and rows that you want to update:
    • Keep in that file just the Orders you want to update tracking numbers for.
    • Keep just the following columns:
      • ID
      • Name
      • Command
      • Line: Type
      • Fulfillment: ID
      • Fulfillment: … columns
    • Change the column values:
      • Change “Command” column value to “UPDATE
      • Change the “Fulfillment: Tracking Number” column – fill with your tracking numbers.
      • If you want the customer to receive an e-mail about changed fulfillment, set the “Fulfillment: Send Receipt” value to “TRUE“.
      • Optionally, if you want, you can fill in the other Fulfillment columns.
    • Keep just the rows where “Line: Type” is “Fulfillment Line” (otherwise the app will ignore the Fulfillment columns if there is no Line: Type).
  3. Import that file with the Excelify app back – it will update your existing orders, and update the Fulfillments of those Orders to set the numbers that you need.

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