Export Products from Shopify to eBay

Shopify to eBay export

To export your Shopify Products to eBay, follow these steps:

1. In the Excelify app “Export” section select the format “eBay: File Exchange – Advanced Template”:

Shopify export to eBay - choose eBay File Exchange - Advanced Template

2. Apply any filters if you need to export just specific Products

3. Select to include “Metafields” if you have specific values prepared in the Metafields “ebay” namespace.

Read more about the Metafield values you can prepare, in the “eBay: File Exchange – Advanced Template” fields documentation.

4. Press the “Export” button.

5. Upload the file to eBay FileExchange.


Good to know

  • You will have some columns filled with default values, which you might want to review and customize their values.
  • Read the detailed “eBay: File Exchange – Advanced Template” format documentation and field mapping to Shopify.