Bulk Update Product Variant Cost Per Item

Shopify Cost per Item for product Variants _

Shopify released the new feature where you can set the “Cost Per Item” value for your product Variants.
You can export and import this field using Excelify now.


Shopify Product Variant Cost export

To export, you have the separate checkbox to include it – because it takes additional time to get this data for each product, so export it only when you need it.

Update Cost by SKU

When importing, there is a column “Variant Cost” for Product variants.

So to update just the cost by SKU, import just the table with the following two columns:

  • Variant SKU
  • Variant Cost

Import Variant Cost to Shopify - update by SKU
Update Cost for Products with Variants

If you don’t have SKUs to identify product variants across your store, you can import an update table to identify the product, and then identify which variant you need to update.

In that case, you can import the columns:

  • ID
  • Handle
  • Variant ID
  • Variant Cost
    Update Shopify Product Variant Cost for products with variants

Update Cost by Handle

If you don’t have variants for products, then you can update just simply by columns:

  • ID
  • Handle
  • Variant Cost

Or if you don’t know your product ID, then just those columns also will work (given that you don’t have variants):

  • Handle
  • Variant Cost
Update Shopify Variant Cost Per Item by Handle

The most important thing to understand is that you need to identify the Product (by ID or by Handle), and then you need to identify the Variant inside that Product (by Variant ID, or Variant SKU, or Options, or Barcode).

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