Bulk import Shopify product variants by generating combinations of Options

Shopify product variant combinations generated from Options - thumbnail

If you need to generate variants in bulk for your Shopify products, you can enter Option values split by ; (semicolon) in columns:

  • Option1 Value
  • Option2 Value
  • Option3 Value

As a result, the Excelify app will generate your variants as combinations of all those options.

For example, if you have the import file Options like this:

Shopify variant options to bulk generate variants from

It will result in imported variants like this – all of their semicolon-separated-value combinations:Shopify bulk generated variants for Products

Of course, you don’t have to fill all 3 options. You can do it with just one or two option value cells, too.

Edit generated variants before importing

If you need to fine-tune your generated variants or delete some of them before importing, you can run the import with the “Dry Run” (select Options button after uploading the file).

Shopify generate variants from options - generate file with dry runThen press the “Import” button. After the dry run is complete, press the “Download Import Results” button.

Shopify download import results file after dry run of generated variants from options

You will get the Import Results file with all the generated variants – change them as you like, and then import this changed file again with Excelify – as the normal import.

Shopify bulk generated product variants in Excel from Options values

Good to know

  • Shopify allows a maximum of 100 Variants so be cautious not to exceed that when multiplying your option values.
  • All of the other values for the variants will get duplicated from that one import row for all the variants.
  • You can look into more information about importing Shopify products.