Schedule your Shopify store backup

With Excelify you can backup your Shopify store daily, weekly or monthly. Here we will take a look at how to configure it.

Steps to backup your store.

1. Select checkboxes to export all fields.

In Excelify App you can select checkboxes to export specific information from your store. Here we will select everything so our backup file contains all the information possible about the store, but you can also schedule backups for only a few specific items.

To export everything from your store select all possible checkboxes and sub-checkboxes except the following –

  • Do not check Collections under Products – this is an export only field, and will not be imported in case of restoring, so you do not need to include those in your backup.
  • Do not check any Metafields – If you do not use metafields or don’t know what metafields are then most likely you don’t need them in your export. As metafields add a lot of time to export.
  • Do not check Generate New Activision URLs for Customers – DO NOT select this for backup or export, as this will reset your customer accounts and your customers will need to activate their accounts.
  • If unsure – copy the checkboxes from the picture below.

2. Configure export options.

Now we before exporting we click on ‘Options’ and set up our scheduled export.

  1. Checkbox ‘Repeat every‘ and select how often do you wish this export to run. Exporting every day might be a bit of ‘overkill’, so preferred time would be every week.
  2. Now use the custom file name, so we can faster find the backup file when needed. We will use dynamic placeholders so we know what date it was exported at. One example name would be – Excelify-Backup-%d-%m-%y. Example of the exported file would be – Excelify.Backup-20-12-18. *This is optional and you can also leave the field empty.
  3. Make sure to checkbox – ‘Zip CSV files
  4. And select the exported file format as ‘Excelify: CSV‘ – CSV file format will export much faster and will import also faster if you will need to restore some data. 

3. Start your export.

This is it, now once a week there will be export running that backups your whole store.

You can see all your scheduled exports when clicking on ‘History & Schedule’. Here you can also download any exported file by clicking on the file name, this includes your backup files.Shopify export history

Good to know!

  • You can also configure automated exports to Google Sheets, so you have easier access to your data all the time – Scheduled exports to Google Sheets
  • In a similar manner, you can also synchronize your store with another Shopify store automatically – Synchronize your Shopify stores
  • If you need assistance to configure your store back up contact our support and we will help – Contact Us