Import several Discount Codes for the same Discount

Shopify Discounts - several discount codes for Discount

Shopify has an easter egg in its Discounts. You can import several discount Codes for one Discount.

That way you can make logical groups of discount codes which have the same conditions.

Discount Code and Title columns

When you export Discounts, among other columns, there are the following two columns:

  • Title
  • Code

The “Title” column is the name of the Discount as you see it in the Admin when you look at the list of Discounts.

The “Code” column – that’s the Discount code.

You can duplicate the rows of the same Title, and create different Code for each of the rows. That way – you will create one Discount of several Codes.

It looks like in this screenshot:

Shopify Discount with several codes - to import from ExcelifyNotice the yellow marked cells – the same Title repeats for 3 Code values.

Excelify reads the “Discount Type” and “Discount Value” values only from the first row of each Discount, so you can either have them filled or not for all rows, whichever is more convenient for you.

Shopify Admin view

In the Shopify Admin – you will see the blue “App” tag for the Discounts which have several codes because those can be just created by apps.

Shopify Discounts - several discount codes for one Discount - list of disounts showing that discounts were imported by app

When you open that Discount code “GETAJET”, you will see a different block than usually. It will be “Discount codes” which shows the summary of how many discount codes you have in this Discount:

Shopify Discounts - several discount codes for Discount

Then, when you click the “View all codes”, you will see the list of all the codes in this Discount:

Shopify Discounts - list of codes under one DiscountAdd additional Discount Codes to the same Shopify Discount

To add additional codes, just import the Excelify file with additional rows of “Code” for that Discount – as an update to the same Discount by ID.

To just add those additional codes, you could import them with just 2 columns:

  • ID
  • Code

And repeat as many rows as you need for the same ID.

If you will import the codes which already are there in this Discount, Excelify will take that into account and will add only those which you are adding.

How many codes can there be for one Discount?

We tested that Shopify allowed us to import over 100’000 Codes for one Discount. At that point, we stopped the experiment, because it seems that there is actually no limit for how many codes you can have for one Discount.

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