How to change existing Shopify Orders status to “Paid”?

Mark Shopify orders as paid featured

With Excelify you can change financial status for your existing Shopify Orders to “paid”.

  1. Export orders you wish to mark as paid.
  2. Delete unnecessary columns from the exported file. We only need columns:
    • ID
    • Name
    • Command
    • Price: Total
  3. Add the necessary columns:
    • Line: Type
    • Transaction: Kind
    • Transaction: Amount
  4. Update Command and Fill new columns.
  5. Save & Import

Mark Shopify orders as paid

1. Export your orders

To export only the orders you need to mark as paid you can apply multiple filters in the Excelify app.
Select format “Excelify: Excel” to export to XSLX file, or “Excelify: CSV” to export to CSV file.

Don’t select any additional checkboxes because you just need the Orders base columns for this – and that will give you convenient one row per Order.

Press “Export” to start the export and once its finished press “Download Exported File”

Export Shopify Orders by filter

2. Delete unnecessary columns

Since you only need to import one transaction to mark the order as paid, then most of the exported columns have no use for you. So now we can delete all columns except:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Command
  • Price: Total

Before:Edit Shopify orders exported file

After:Edit Shopify orders exported file

3. Add the necessary columns

You will need to add 3 columns to the file to import Transaction.

  • Line: Type
  • Transaction: Kind
  • Transaction: Amount

 Add columns to Shopify Orders file

4. Update Command and fill new columns

Now you can start to edit information.

  1. Change “Command” from NEW to UPDATE. This is so the app knows that we wish to update the order not to create new.
  2. Fill “Line: Type” with “Transaction“.
  3. Fill “Transaction: Kind” with “sale“.
  4. Transaction: Amount” needs to be filled with the amount that is left to pay for this order. This is why we can use “Price: Total” to copy the amount.

pdate Shopify Orders exported info

5. Save, Import and Enjoy!

Now you can save the file. Go back to the Excelify app and import the file in the Import section. The app will analyze the file and count how many Orders you are importing.

Press the Import button to start the import.

If you see any Failed items, then after the import has finished, you can download the Import Results file and look into the “Import Comment” column. It will tell why the particular Order has failed. Then you can fix that issue and re-import just those failed and fixed rows again.

 Upload Excel file to Shopify Orders

 Imported Shopify Orders as paid

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