How to delete and update products tags on Shopify in Bulk?

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If you need to update or delete Tags on Shopify items (like Products, Customers, Orders or Blog Posts), then you can do it quickly with the Excelify App. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

We will use Products as an example, but the same instructions can be applied to bulk edit tags on Shopify store for any other items.

Steps in short

  1. Export Products you need to update.
  2. Delete unnecessary columns.
  3. Update the “Tags” and “Tags Command” columns.
  4. Save, import and enjoy!

1. Export Products you need to update

First, you will need to export the Products that you wish to update. In the Excelify App Export section select the checkbox “Products“, no other checkboxes are needed.
Then you can click on the filter icon to apply filters so you only export Products that you wish to update not all Products.1.2 - Export Shopify Products filtered

Press the “Export” button to start the Export.

2. Delete unnecessary columns

When the export is finished you can download the exported file by clicking on the button “Download Exported File“.

Since you only wish to update Tags then we do not need to include all columns. You can delete all columns from the file and keep only those:

  • ID
  • Handle
  • Tags
  • Tags Command

Before:2 - Shopify exported products update in bulk few fields

After:2.1 - Shopify exported products update in bulk few fields

3. Update the “Tags” and “Tags Command” columns

Now, you will need to chose what you wish to do with your tags. In the exported file you can see that the column “Tags Command” has the value REPLACE for all Products.
Possible values for Tags Command are:


MERGE Tags Command will add Tags to existing tags. It means that you don’t need to list all the tags in the import file, you can import those which you want to add. If some of the tags you are importing already exist, then the app will ignore it.


The DELETE Tags Command will delete the Tags that are listed in the import file. If the listed tag will not exist, then the app will ignore it. All Tags that are not in the file will not be touched for Products with the Tags Command DELETE.


The REPLACE Tags Command will replace all existing tags with the tags from the import file. Use this method to maximize the import speed, because if you will use MERGE, it means that the app will need first to load existing tags which takes additional time.3.2 - Replace existing Shopify Product Tags in bulk

When you have selected Tags Command that fits your needs you can update the “Tags” column accordingly as I have in the screenshots above.

4. Save, import and enjoy!

Now you can save the file. Go back to the Excelify app and import the file in the Import section. The app will analyze the file and count how many Products you are importing.

Press the Import button to start the import.

If you see any Failed items, then after the import has finished, you can download the Import Results file and look into the “Import Comment” column. It will tell why particular Products has failed. Then you can fix that issue and re-import just those failed and fixed rows again.4. Import bulk update product file into the Shopify

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