Import new Order with shipping information from columns

When creating Shopify Orders with Excelify import usually you needed to list shipping information in additional “Shipping Line” row for the Order.

Now you can put shipping information in specific columns, without the need for an additional Shipping Line row for the Order.


Shipping Columns

Here are all the extra columns you can add to your Order import to add Shipping data when creating an Order.

Shipping Line: TitleTextThe shipping title, written in free form.

Shipping Line: CodeTextThe shipping code usually has value “custom”.

Shipping Line: SourceTextThe shipping source, usually “shopify”.

Shipping Line: PriceNumberThe price of the shipping applied to the order.

Shipping Line: Tax TitleTextTitle of the applied tax.

Shipping Line: Tax RateNumberThe rate of tax applied.

Shipping Line: Tax PriceNumberThe calculated tax in the order currency.


Good to know!

  • It does not matter what is the “Line: Type” where you use those Shipping columns.
  • If you have multiple rows with Shipping data for the same Order, only the first row which has some value will be used – others will get ignored.
  • If you will also have Shipping Line then it will add both Shipping entries to the same Order.

What to do next?