Export Collections as Product Columns

Export Shopify Product Collections

When exporting Shopify Products, you can mark to include additional columns of Collections where each product is listed in.

That will add two additional columns in the exported file:

  • Custom Collections
  • Smart Collections

Those columns will contain a comma-separated list of Handles of those Collections where this product is appearing.

If the cell is empty, that means that this product is not in any of the respective collections. You can use that to find out which product is not listed in any of collections.

For now, this data can only be exported.

To import product into certain collections, please, use the following tutorials:

Exported columns will look like this:

Exported Products Collections

Export Summary sheet after the export

Export Summary sheet

When running the export, the exported file will contain the “Export Summary” sheet with the summary data about the export – what was exported, and what filters were used.

Also, the filters will reset after each export, so that you don’t have to clear them out each time.

Settings for Notifications

Excelify notifications for Shopify data import-export events

You can press the “Settings” button and configure when to receive e-mail notifications, and to which e-mails.

By default, the e-mail is sent to Shopify store owner on every event except when starting new manual import (as this is probably something you already know you are doing so you might not need an e-mail about that – but in case you still need it, you can switch it on).

Product Variant Weight can be imported in any units

Shopify weight import and export in real units

Previously you could just import Product weight in “Variant Grams”.

Now there is a column “Variant Weight” where you can set any value in the units as you specify in the “Variant Weight Unit“.

For example – you can import precisely 1 lb, and no need to convert to grams, and no need to struggle with rounding problems.

You can still import the “Variant Grams” if you need to – then your Variant Weight column needs to be empty or non-existing.

Variant Grams are not exported anymore – only Variant Weight column is exported.

Read the full documentation about Product columns.