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Documentation on Excelify features, fields, formats and templates

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Here you can find page which explains our template in general and allows to download our Demo template file. For each sheet that Excelify allows to import or export you can find documentation which explains each column from our template.

Excelify Template

Excelify Template is a set of spreadsheets, which consist of specific columns and rows, and have to have specific sheet names. Those spreadsheets can be exported or imported and can contain your whole store data.

Ideally if you use Excel files, but you can use also Google Sheets or even CSV files.

Excelify Template Sheets

You can export and import the following data sheets, with columns as documented here:

Excelify UI

Migrate to Shopify

Excelify is a great tool to use for your data migration to Shopify.
Following our tutotials and documentations and you will be able to do your shopping car migration with ease.

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Shopify Data Feeds

Data feeds allow you to send data from Shopify to other platforms, or continuously import external data into Shopify.

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