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Excelify Import Job Options

Excelify import provides various settings you can apply to your import file before starting your import.

On this page we will look into what each option means and when you should or should not apply them.

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Available Import Options

Option Description
Ignore ID Will ignore the ID values of the imported file items. This makes import run faster if importing an export file from another store. Don’t ignore ID if you import data from the same store – then the app will use ID values to identify items very fast.
Generate Redirects if changing Handles

On by Default

In case if your import will change Handles for any of the items, we will automatically generate redirect from the old Handle to the new one. Enabling this makes the import run a bit slower, but at least you don’t have to worry about redirects. If you need to improve the import speed, then you can uncheck this box, but then we will not generate any redirects.
Transliterate Handles to English alphabet

On by Default

If you import any Handles that are with non-English characters (e.g. Japanese or any other language) then we will generate Handles with English characters, but such that reading them aloud it sounds like you are speaking that language. Neat trick, called transliteration! 🙂 It’s because Handle is used in URLs, and URLs usually need to have English characters. In special cases, if you really need your Handles to be with non-English characters, then you can remove this checkbox. Read more in tutorial.
Continue importing the next day if Shopify daily Variant import limit is reached If you hit the Shopify daily variant limit, then you can enable this checkbox so that we automatically continue importing the rest of the file the next day. And continue every day until all your Products are imported. Read more in the tutorial.
Remove images from Body HTML If you are in the situation that your Shopify Products have Body HTML with images, then here’s how you remove images from product descriptions in bulk. Read more in the tutorial more about removing images from Body HTML.
Import items in the order as they appear in file If you have Big or Enterprise Plan, then we import several items in parallel. That changes the order in which they get processed because of some import faster, some slower. If you absolutely need to import items in the same order as they appear in your file, then check this checkbox. Note that this will make your import slower.
Dry Run – convert the file and test as far as possible without actually importing anything For cases when you need to check what Excelify will tell about your items, or you need to convert some other format to Excelify format, and review your file before doing the actual import.
Results file custom name: Each import will return the Import Result file and here you can set a custom file name for the returned Import Result file. You can also include dynamic placeholders in the custom file name.
Upload Results file to: You can set the app to upload the Import Result file to your FTP/SFTP server. The Import Result file will always anyway be available in the app and stored on our servers.
Schedule on Choose the date and time when to actually do this import (in your shop time zone). Check out Excelify tutorials about scheduling imports.
Repeat every Choose the time interval, when to repeat this same import. Check out Excelify tutorials about scheduling imports.

Good to know

  • Options marked with the “On by Default” tag are switched on by default.
  • For most imports, you do not need to adjust any options and can import files with the default options.
  • If selecting an option, make sure that you understand what the option means.
  • If you have any questions or issues, contact us by any means listed in Excelify “Contact Us” page.