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Privacy Notice

We care deeply about the privacy of our customers and partners. Therefore, we have invested a significant effort to study and implement controls and measures according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulation which are described in this Privacy Notice.

We also process Personal Data in accordance with the spirit of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) to achieve its primary goal of respecting consumers’ right to protect their personal data. Although we don’t even qualify as a company which has to comply with this regulation, stated requirements ring well with our own values, so we have implemented them.


Term Explanation
Excelify The Shopify app with its related websites and services, owned by SIA “ITissible” company located in Latvia, with all its Subcontractors. Acting as the data Processor according to the GDPR.
The App The Excelify app, called “Excelify: Bulk Import Export Update Migrate” on the Shopify AppStore.
Visitor A visitor of our web resources which may or may not be the app user.
App User A person who uses the app while it is installed on their Shopify store. In GDPR terms the App User is the Data Controller.
Partner Any service provider, subcontractor or affiliated partner or a 3rd party.
Subject Visitors, App Users or Partners
Support Excelify Support. Contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.

General Principles

  • We process or store only the data that is necessary for the app to function and be able to provide the high-quality service.
  • The lawful basis for processing the personal data is the Consent, which is prominently requested to opt-in when starting to use The App.
  • By respecting our client privacy, we do not track Visitors on an individual level beyond legitimate reasons to do so. Meaning – we keep only aggregated and anonymized visitor tracking on Google Analytics, and log of particular user actions inside The App for security reasons.
  • We don’t sell any Visitor or App User data.
  • We don’t share any Visitor or App User data to 3rd parties unless approved by the App User.
  • App Users have the right to know what specific data is saved about them and for what reason, which is also described in this document.
  • App Users have the right to be forgotten by asking the Support to destroy all or specific the data about them. When destroying the data, the only data kept will be the one that is required for legal purposes or for financial accounting.
  • Excelify will never share any data of one App User with another, without permission of the App User.

Data Subjects

We are processing or storing the data of the following parties:

  1. Web Page Visitors: visitors of the web pages and other resources related to Excelify.
  2. App Users: persons and Shopify stores that have installed The App, hosted on resource.
  3. Partners: any 3rd parties like service providers or subcontractors.

The data itself which is being processed by The App as requested by App Users (e.g. Shopify Customers or Orders data), cannot be considered as Data Subjects because Excelify doesn’t control the contents of that data. This is strictly under the control of the App Users themselves who are Data Controllers in this context..

Service Providers: Subprocessors and Subcontractors

List of all the Service Providers, Subprocessors, and Subcontractors and their assessed status against the privacy network.

Listed Service names are used further in this document to refer to entries in this table.

Service Company Name Country
Google Analytics Google LLC US
Google Drive Google LLC US
Google Gmail for Business Google LLC US, Inc. US
Slack Slack Technologies, Inc. US
MailChimp The Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a MailChimp US
Shopify Partner Account Shopify, Inc. CA
Amazon Web Services, Inc. US
PayPal Paypal Europe Services Ltd. IE
AAT Finance SIA “AAT Finance” LV

Processed and Stored Data by each Data Subject and Resource

We process or store the following data about each of the data Subject, for each resource:

Subject: Web Page Visitor

Resource: “Excelify” App page on Shopify App Store

Stored / Processed Data Purpose Service Provider
Analytics tracking To analyze the traffic sources for marketing purposes in an aggregated and anonymized way. Google Analytics

Resource: web page

Stored / Processed Data Purpose Service Provider
Analytics tracking To analyze the traffic sources for marketing purposes, including IP address geolocation data, browser, visited pages, and other data Google Analytics can track – in aggregated and anonymized way. Google Analytics
Customer support data Enable visitors to chat with Excelify support employees directly from the web page.

Resource: Support Channels

Stored / Processed Data Purpose Service Provider
Contact data and communication history To recognize an existing customer and continue support conversation based on earlier history and context.
Contact data and communication history To recognize an existing customer and continue support conversation based on earlier history and context. Slack
Contact data and communication history To recognize an existing customer and continue support conversation based on earlier history and context. E-mail

Subject: App User

Resource: Excelify App

Stored / Processed Data Purpose Service Provider
Analytics tracking To analyze the aggregated usage statistics of The App – in an aggregated and anonymized way. Google Analytics
Customer support data Enable visitors to chat with Support employees directly from The App, and exchange e-mail tickets.
Contact information To send periodic e-mails with news updates to e-mails who opted in for that. MailChimp
Contact information and store information Shopify provides the statistics about the stores who installed The App and their payment history. Shopify Partner Account
Alerts about important events Notify about system monitoring events, installs, uninstalls, or any other significant events that might require immediate action or would allow improving service quality. Slack
Imported & exported data files Imported and exported data files are stored on Amazon AWS, US regions.

The app users need historical uploaded, imported, import results, and exported files for the purpose to review the history and use any of the historical files to analyze their actions or restore previously exported files – as a backup restore procedure.

Excelify employee may look at the imported or exported file when solving an issue for the App User – when the App User raised an issue by contacting Support or proactively when our monitoring system issues an alert that App User has repeated problems with the specific import or export.

Amazon Web Services
App User e-mails, settings, import/export job history To show to the App User their own import and export job history. E-mails – to be able to send the e-mail notifications, which are configured in the Settings inside The App. Amazon Web Services
E-mail correspondence To exchange e-mail messages. Google Gmail for Business

Subject: Partner

Stored / Processed Data Purpose Service Provider
E-mail correspondence To exchange e-mail messages. Google Gmail for Business
Contact information Be able to contact the partner and recognize them when received contact from them. Google Drive
Payment transactions Send and receive payments to and from Partners. PayPal
Accounting Do financial accounting according to Latvia legislation and accounting standards. AAT Finance

Data Access Boundaries

The data of one App User or the Shopify store is not shared with another App User or the Shopify store.

The App functions within the boundaries of one store where it is installed.

The App of one store can import the data from the other Shopify store when App User deliberately uses the exported data file from one store and imports it into the other. The App access to the Shopify store data is always initiated, configured or scheduled by the App User.

Data Security

Excelify implements and is continuously improving reasonable measures to protect data that is processed or stored.

Website and The App communication channel over the web are encrypted using SSL certificate.

The App infrastructure is protected with strong and unique passwords, where possible – using the Public Key Infrastructure solutions.

Access to employee workstations is protected with strong passwords or in some cases with fingerprint readers.

Destroyed data is not recoverable.

E-mail and Mass Mailing

By installing The App or contacting Excelify team, the Subject gives consent to receive the following e-mails from Excelify:

  1. Replies to Subject e-mail messages.
  2. Proactive personal e-mails to Subject when the feature or fix which was requested by the Subject, is implemented – with the goal to inform privately that this feature is ready and the promise made by Excelify was delivered.

Automated and mass mailing is sent Subjects only according to the following opt-in or opt-out principle:

  1. Opt-out (assume consent to receive by default – for security reasons): Automated e-mail messages about the events within The App, like started, failed or finished jobs.
  2. Opt-in (don’t assume consent by default): Periodic e-mail of the overall Excelify newest features and general updates. That e-mail is sent not more frequently than once per month.

Subjects can change those settings in The AppSettings” section or ask Support.

Subject Rights

Breach Notification

In an incident when a data breach has happened despite the efforts to prevent that, Excelify will inform all those Subjects about the fact of such an incident and about the content of what particular data was compromised. Information will be sent no later than 72 hours after the data breach was detected.

Right To Access

When building the Excelify, the architecture is designed with self-service as one of the main values. That means that most of the Subject data is accessible in a self-service way by Subject themself. If there is still a part of data that the Subject needs access to, and which is not accessible by the self-service, the Subject can request this data from the Support.

Right to be Forgotten

Every Subject has the right to remove their data from any of the Excelify controlled resources, as far as it is allowed by legal or accounting limitations. Any personal data can be removed by sending a request to the Support. Data will be removed as far as acceptable by the legal, accounting and security requirements.

All imported and exported data history files are deleted automatically when The App is uninstalled.


Excelify is the product of SIA “ITissible” which is the limited liability company registered in Latvia with registration number 50103772541.

The governing law is the legislation of Latvia.


Excelify owns the right to change and update this document occasionally, and review it at least once per year. If you continue using The App, then you also agree to comply with all the further versions of this document.

Change History

Date Changes
May 25, 2018 Initial effective version.
Jun 12, 2018 Removed Facebook tracking from The App and from Website.
Aug 29, 2018 Historical files are deleted when The App is uninstalled or when data deletion is requested from Shopify Admin.
Oct 18, 2019 Support channels updated.
Nov 6, 2019 Removed tracking for advertising and remarketing purposes.
Dec 22, 2019 Removed all individual-level tracking across Excelify resources in spirit of CCPA stated values.
Jan 12, 2020 Changed to Excelify.
Jan 17, 2020 Added list of Service Providers and their Privacy Framework.
Feb 20, 2020 Will delete files only when The App is uninstalled, or when asked by the App User to delete their files.

Removed HotJar resource.
Minor spelling changes across the whole document.

Nov 16, 2020 Removed reference to the EU-US Privacy Shield, as it is canceled.

Effective: May 25, 2018
Last update: Nov 16, 2020