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Shopify Data Feeds

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Data feeds allow you to exchange the data between Shopify and other platforms or suppliers.

Some of those feeds allow you to only export the data from Shopify to those platforms. Others - to import that data from external data providers to Shopify.

Supported data feeds

Google Shopping Data Feed

Other supported supplier formats

Supplier Details
Import CSV file from Bespokefactory provided URL
ASAP Import ASAP provided ZIP file
xSales Import xSales provided CSV file
DCi Import DCi provided ZIP file
Fairchild Send the file to Excelify support and we will quickly manually convert the Fairchild supplier file to the Excelify template.
The Art Of Books Import AoB provided TXT or ZIP file.
The file name must include the text “aob“.
Have a supplier that you need to import but Excelify does not support it?

Check out the Excelify tutorial on how to use Google Sheets to import your supplier’s CSV file.

If Google Sheets or other data manipulations do not work for you then contact Excelify support and as additional service, we can develop the app to understand your suppliers file directly