Documentations of Exported Data Feed formats

Google Shopping Data Feed

Amazon Inventory Flat File

eBay: File Exchange – Advanced Template



Import books from Ingram to Shopify

Import products from Ingram to Shopify

There is this enormous book warehouse called “Ingram” ( You can use the Excelify app to import Ingram books into ...
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Shopify to eBay export

Export Products from Shopify to eBay

To export your Shopify Products to eBay, follow these steps: 1. In the Excelify app “Export” section select the format ...
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Turn14 Distribution Logo

Import to Shopify from

Turn14 Distribution is the dropshipper of the car and truck parts and automotive accessories. To import Products from to ...
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Shopify Amazon

Export products from Shopify to Amazon

You can sell your Shopify products on Amazon by exporting from Shopify and importing to Amazon in bulk using Bulk ...
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