Export Payouts from Shopify

You can export Shopify Payouts with Transactions to Excel or CSV format. Export all of the payouts, or filter them ...
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Google Sheets

Scheduled exports from Shopify to Google Sheets

Here we will take a look at how to make scheduled exports to Google Sheets from Shopify. You can use ...
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How to manage Shopify Metafields?

Here we will take a look at how to create, update and delete your Shopify metafields. As well as we ...
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SFTP to Shopify

Import from SFTP to Shopify

 This is now to Import data from an SFTP server to Shopify You can import to Shopify from SFTP ...
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Shopify to SFTP

Export from Shopify to SFTP server

 This is how to Export from Shopify to an SFTP server In the Excelify app, in the Export section: ...
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Import to Shopify from any file (with video)

Import to Shopify from any file

To see how it’s done, watch the video. Short summary how to import to Shopify from any file Open your ...
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Google Sheets to Shopify

Schedule import to Shopify from Google Sheets

Importing from Google Sheets is a bit different than importing from a file that is saved on Google Drive, that’s ...
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Schedule import to Shopify from Google Drive

You can sync your files with Google Drive, and in this tutorial, you will see how to seamlessly upload and import ...
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Dropbox to Shopify

Schedule import to Shopify from Dropbox

So you have the file in your Dropbox folder that you edit on your computer. You update it regularly, and ...
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Sync Shopify

Automatically synchronize your Shopify store with your other store daily/weekly/monthly

You have more than one stores on Shopify, and now you need to synchronize their contents regularly. Here’s how you ...
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Schedule Import to Shopify from FTP

Schedule import to Shopify from FTP server

You are in this situation that you have your Master Data auto-refreshed regularly and is available on your FTP server. So ...
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Shopify export custom file name with placeholders

Export to custom file name with dynamic placeholders

When exporting, under Options you can specify the “Custom file name” for the export. This is especially useful for scheduled ...
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Export from Shopify to custom file name

Export to custom file name – predictable URL

In export Options, you can set the custom file name for the exported file. This is especially useful together with ...
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Shopify bulk images - too many images

Bulk import images to Shopify from your computer

When you bulk import images to Shopify for Products or Collections, you need to provide image URL in the “Image Src” ...
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Searching For Maximum - 100'000 - progress - 4 hours remaining

What’s the Shopify maximum import limit? (Updated on 15 Dec, 2017)

With this exercise our goal is to find the Shopify maximum points. (Updated on Dec 15, 2017 with new speed improvements) ...
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Difference between Shopify CSV and Excelify

What is the difference between Shopify CSV and Excelify.io Products import and export?

Differences between using Shopify CSV for Products export and import, or Excelify.io: With Shopify you work with CSV files, whereas ...
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Shopify import speed

How to maximize Shopify bulk import speed?

The simplest way to improve speed – upgrade! If you just want the maximum speed, you can upgrade your plan ...
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Clone Shopify Store

How To Clone Your Shopify Store?

We have designed the feature to clone Shopify store as a completely smooth experience for you. Step 0: The starting ...
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