Import to Shopify from any file (with video)

Import to Shopify from any file

To see how it’s done, watch the video. Short summary how to import to Shopify from any file Open your ...
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Shopify export custom file name with placeholders

Export to custom file name with dynamic placeholders

When exporting, under Options you can specify the “Custom file name” for the export. This is especially useful for scheduled ...
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Bulk Delete Orders from Shopify

So you need to bulk delete Orders from your Shopify store because you created those orders while testing or those ...
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Shopify Orders Import

Shopify Orders import is here!

Finally, you can import Orders to Shopify in bulk now with all the details! Excelify app can import the same ...
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Shopify Orders export to Excel and Pivot report

Orders Export

Shopify Orders Export are now in unlimited Beta, which means that you have unlimited capability of Shopify Orders export to ...
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