Migrate Blog Posts from WordPress to Shopify

Blog Posts - WordPress to Shopify

This video tutorial shows you step by step instructions how to migrate your Blog Posts (Articles) from WordPress to Shopify Blogs.

Steps to migrate articles from WordPress to Shopify:

  1. Go to your WordPress site, and install the Plugin: All Export.
  2. Export all your WordPress blog posts using “All Export” plugin to the CSV file.
  3. Open the CSV file, save it as Excel file.
  4. Rename the Excel file sheet (tab) to “Blog Posts” so that the Excelify app knows what’s inside that sheet.
  5. Set the column titles of the columns you want to import – copy column names from the Excelify template file.
  6. Import the new Excel file to Shopify using the Excelify app.


Clone Shopify Blogs, Blog Posts (Articles) and their Comments to other store?

Shopify Blog Posts - Clone

This video will show you how to copy all your current Blogs, Blog Posts (Articles) and their comments to your new store.

This is needed when you are migrating to a new Shopify store, or when you need to set up the test/development store and want to use the data from your real store.

Summary of steps to clone your Articles:

  1. Install the Excelify app on both stores – old and the new one (get the second store for free, remember that you don’t have to pay for two stores here).
  2. Go to source store, select to export all Blog Posts, Blogs, Comments and Metafields (if you have those).
  3. When export is finished, download the exported Excel file.
  4. Go to the new store and upload the exported file.
  5. Press “Import”.
  6. Wait for import to finish.