Filter Customers export by Tags, Date Created or Date Updated

Shopify export Customers filter by Tags or Date Updated

Now you can filter the export of Shopify Customers by the Tags and by Date Updated (in addition to the previously existing filter by Date Created).

Filter by Tags

You can specify several tags, separated by commas to filter by.

The app will include in the export all the Customers who have at least one of those mentioned Tags.

If you set the empty Tags filter, that will export only the Customers which don’t have any Tags set.

Filter by Date Updated

You can specify the date interval for filtering by the date when a customer was updated.

You can also set just one of those dates – either minimum or maximum.

Filter Products export by Collection

Filter Shopify products export by Collection

You can filter products export by Collection.

Put the collection Title, ID or collection Handle in the filter box – you will export only products that belong to this collection.

You can get the collection ID from the URL when you open the Collection page in the Admin. Or you can get the collection Handle from the SEO part in the Admin, or from the collection page URL on your store public site. Also, you can get collection ID or Handle by exporting Collections – then you can see those in the exported file.


Filter Products by SKU fragment

Shopify filter products by SKU fragment

You can filter Products – to export only those, which contain fragments of SKU.

To filter by several fragments, split them by comma.

In this example, if you have the filter set to “SKU-1, AAA”, then it will export only those Shopify Products, where any part of their SKU contains “SKU-1” or “AAA”.

To export all Products, where SKU is empty – set the filter by SKU, and leave the search box empty.

You can apply the filter when exporting to any format, including Excel, Google Shopping Data Feed, Amazon.

Filter Export by Product Price

When exporting from Shopify, you can filter Products by Price with the following conditions:

  • equals
  • less than
  • less than or equal to
  • greater than
  • greater than or equal to

When doing the export, it will look into all your product prices and will include in the export only those products, where the price of the product or at least one of its variants will match your given criteria.

Shopify filter by product price