Shopify export Customers filter by Tags or Date Updated

Filter Customers export by Tags, Date Created or Date Updated

Now you can filter the export of Shopify Customers by the Tags and by Date Updated (in addition to the ...
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Shopify Orders Export Filter by status

Filter by statuses when exporting Shopify Orders

When exporting Shopify Orders, now you can use additional filters to filter by the following Order statuses: Status Any Open ...
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Filter Shopify Products by Collections

Export: Filter Products from many Collections

When you export Products from Shopify, you can set the filter to export only products that exist in any of ...
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Shopify filter SKU not equal to any of

Filter Products export by SKU “not equal to any of”

If you want to export only products that don’t match any of the listed SKUs, you can apply that filter ...
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Filter Shopify products export by Collection

Filter Products export by Collection

You can filter products export by Collection. Put the collection Title, ID or collection Handle in the filter box – ...
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Filter Shopify Products export

Improved export of Products filter by Vendor

You can filter Products by Vendor in finer detail: Vendor equals any of several vendors, split by comma Vendor not ...
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Shopify filter products by SKU fragment

Filter Products by SKU fragment

You can filter Products – to export only those, which contain fragments of SKU. To filter by several fragments, split ...
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Shopify filter by product price

Filter Export by Product Price

When exporting from Shopify, you can filter Products by Price with the following conditions: equals less than less than or ...
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Filter Shopify Customers by creation date

Filter export by Customer registration date

When exporting Customers, you can filter by Customer registration date interval. It helps when you have very many customers, but ...
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Shopify search several titles

Filter by many titles

You can filter Shopify Products by many titles – put them in filter split by , (comma), and it will ...
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