Export Shopify Metafields to CSV

Export Metafields to CSV

Do you remember the time when you had to export only to Excel format if you wanted to export Metafields? ...
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Shopify Plain text to HTML

Import plain text to Shopify as HTML

When you import the plain text as Body HTML to Shopify, the Excelify app will convert it to HTML code ...
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Sync Shopify

Automatically synchronize your Shopify store with your other store daily/weekly/monthly

You have more than one stores on Shopify, and now you need to synchronize their contents regularly. Here’s how you ...
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Import to Shopify by ignoring ID

Improve import speed when importing from another Shopify store

When you export from one store and import to another, the import file includes items with their IDs. If you ...
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Shopify schedule and repeat export

Schedule and auto-repeat exports from Shopify

You can now schedule exports to a certain date and time, and set to auto-repeat them. Use it to do ...
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Shopify import schedule and repeat

Schedule and repeat imports to Shopify

You can schedule and repeat imports to your Shopify store. After uploading the import file, you can click the “Options” ...
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Bulk Delete Pages from Shopify

Bulk Delete Pages from Shopify

So you need to bulk delete Pages from your Shopify store. Here’s how you delete any Shopify Page with Excelify.io ...
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"Command" column: NEW, UPDATE, REPLACE, DELETE

“Command” column: NEW, UPDATE, REPLACE, DELETE

In each sheet, you can use the “Command” column, by which you can tell, what to do with the row ...
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Option to remove images from Shopify Body HTML

Option to remove images from Body HTML descriptions when importing

You can remove images (<img> tags) from your Body HTML description by selecting a checkbox option “Remove images from Body ...
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The same image appearing in Shopify images and in the Body HTML description

How to remove images from Shopify Body HTML descriptions?

If you are in the situation that your Shopify Products has Body HTML with images, then here’s how you remove ...
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