Shopify “Daily SKU limit” for Products

Shopify has introduced the “Daily SKU limit” for importing data for large stores.

There was no public announcement about this (yet), but several customers have started to experience this issue when importing large volumes of data.

In this article, we will keep updating you about everything we find out.

How to know if you have reached the Shopify daily SKU limit?

You have reached Shopify daily SKU limit if you see this error message when importing your Products:

Response code = 429.  Response message = Too Many Requests. Product: Daily SKU limit reached. Please try again later.

What Shopify says about it?

The daily SKU limit has been introduced for some shops that have over 100,000 variants, and are rapidly creating more.

The limit prevents the shop from creating more than 5,000 new variants a day with the API.

This is done to ensure the stability of the platform.

What can you do about it?

1. Ask Shopify to increase your daily limit

Contact the Shopify Support and ask them to increase your limit – explain the reasons behind needing that.

2. Don’t hit the limit

Organize your imports in such a way that you import the data not more than 5000 variants per day.

3. Tell us that this is important for you

We at the Excelify are collecting the list of shops for whom this is important – to pass this information to Shopify.

If this is important for you, please, send an e-mail to our [email protected] and tell why this is important for you to not have such a limit.

Latest update

Dec 5, 2018