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Bulk Unfulfill your Shopify Orders – cancel those Fulfillments


In this tutorial, we will take a look at how to change Orders Fulfillment Status from Fulfilled to Unfulfilled in bulk, which essentially will mean – cancelling the existing fulfilment.


How to change Order Fulfillment Status to “cancelled”

  1. Export Orders with Fulfilment Status – Fulfilled.1-ExportOrders
  2. Delete rows/orders that you do not need to set as Unfulfilled. Leave us only with orders that we need to update.
  3. Delete the columns that we won’t need for this update. Leaving us with the following columns:
    • ID
    • Name
    • Command
    • Line: Type
    • Fulfillment: ID
    • Fulfillment: Status2-DeleteColumns
  4. Now we start editing information in here. We have to set the following values in these columns:
    • ‘Command’ to ‘UPDATE’
    • ‘Fulfillment: Status’ to ‘cancelled’4-SetCorrectValues
  5. Save and Import this file.
  6. Check the results – all orders that were listed in your file are now marked as Unfulfilled. Meaning, that now your Fulfillments got cancelled.6-OrdersUnfulfilled

Good to know!

  • If you have any issue with this, please, ask our Support, and we will help you.
  • Check out this tutorial to fulfill existing orders in bulk.
  • If you need to partially fulfill an Order, you can leave some fulfillments success for this order while cancelling others. This will leave an order in Partially Fulfilled status. You can only partially fulfil an order with multiple fulfillments.