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How to cancel Shopify orders in bulk?

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To Cancel Shopify Orders, do the following steps:

Note that this will not replace the orders – this will truly update the existing ones.

  1. Export the Orders you want to cancel – don’t include any other detailed columns unless you absolutely need them, so you have nice one row per order in the export.Export Orders to be cancelled
  2. Download exported file and open it for editing.
  3. Delete all the columns and rows, leave only the following columns in your Excel file:
    • ID
    • Name
    • Command
    • Cancelled At
    • Cancel: Reason
    • Cancel: Send Receipt
    • Cancel: Refund Open file for cancelling Shopify orders
  4. Update the Excel file columns with data:
    1. Set the “Command” column values to “UPDATE“.
    2. Set the “Cancelled At” column values to whatever date (it doesn’t matter what date it is because orders will anyway get cancelled with today’s date).
    3. Set the “Cancel: Reason” column values to one of the following: customer, inventory, fraud, declined, other. You can leave this empty, then the app will assume other by default.
    4. Set the “Cancel: Send Receipt” column to TRUE if you want the customer to receive the e-mail notification about the Order cancellation.
    5. Set the “Cancel: Refund” column to TRUE if you want to refund the whole Order when cancelling. If you don’t set it to TRUE, then it will not get refunded automatically. To refund partially, you can set up the Refund columns and rows as explained in this tutorial. Updated file for cancelling Shopify orders
  5. Import the file with the orders you want to cancel. Imprt file to Cancel Shopify Orders

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