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Import from SFTP to Shopify

SFTP to Shopify

This is now to Import data from an SFTP server to Shopify

You can import to Shopify from SFTP by pointing the address exactly to the file which you need to import.

To schedule the import automatically at regular time intervals, do the following.

In the Excelify app, in the Import section:

  1. Paste the link to your SFTP server file path which should be in the following format:
sftp://user:[email protected]:port/path/to/directory/file-name.xlsx

For example:

sftp://foo:[email protected]:22/test/my-file.xlsx

2. Press “Upload from URL” buttonImport to Shopify from SFTP - upload file

3. Wait for the app to download the file for the first time, and let it analyze it (or fix any issues if it says that the URL was not correct).

4. If you want to set up the scheduled or automatically repeated import, press the “Options” button and set it up there.

5. Press the “Import” button (or “Schedule Import” button if you are scheduling import to start at a certain time).

Schedule automated import from SFTP to ShopifyEach time when the next automatic import will run, it will download the fresh file from SFTP again and again.

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