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Import products from Ingram to Shopify

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There is this enormous book warehouse called “Ingram” (

You can use the Excelify app to import Ingram books into your Shopify store.

Steps to import from Ingram:

1. Download the following files from your Ingram FTP account:

If you want to start with their test files of top 10’000 books:

File name FTP folder
[email protected] /Top_10K
10KPMall_active.txt /Top_10K
10KTtlingv2.txt /Top_10K
10KWklyImages* /Top_10K

If you want to use real full files (warning that they are really large and will take a lot longer to process):

File name FTP folder
[email protected] /Inventory
pmall_active.txt <ask Ingram Support>
ttlingv2.txt <ask Ingram Support>
<images> <ask Ingram Support>

Note that individual files need to be unzipped (if you download the zip files from Ingram FTP).

2. Zip the data files into one “” file:

For testing – take the following files:

And zip them into one zip file.

Name that zip file so that the file name contains the word “ingram” in it. For example “”.

3. Upload that Ingram zip file into the Excelify app

Whe you upload that zip file, you should see that the Excelify app detected it as the “Format: Ingram”.

It should look like this:

Ingram zip file uploaded to Excelify for Shopify

Don’t press the Import button just yet!

4. “Dry run” the import

Press the Options button.

There, mark the checkbox “Dry run – just generate the Results file without importing“.

Dry run the Ingram file conversion to Shopify importable format

Only then press the Import button.

That will make the Excelify app just transform your Ingram file into the Excelify format, but will not do the import just yet.

5. Review and update your CSV file for Shopify import

After the conversion is finished, you will be offered to download the “Import Results” file. It will be a zipped CSV file – because Excel cannot hold millions of rows but CSV can.

Download that file, and see that it’s the proper Excelify template CSV file of Products. Those are generated from your Ingram data files.

Review the Excelify file which you are about to import, do any changes to it according to your needs.

Deleting books with no inventory:

  • In the “Command” column for some books you will see the value “DELETE”. That means that this book is out of stock, so the Excelify will try to delete it from your store (searching by its Handle).T
  • This is useful if you repeat the imports several times – then it will delete whatever book are out of stock in Ingram.

Book images:

  • Notice that the “Image Src” column has links to Excelify image server.
  • You will need to upload those images so you get their links working.

6. Upload Ingram image files to Excelify Image Server

Request the access to Excelify image server by asking our support (requires you to have the Enterprise Plan).

Take your downloaded images from Ingram.

Unzip all those files so that you have the image files, which are basically named as <Barcode>.jpg.

Upload all those images to your Excelify image server folder “ingram”.

Test that the image links from your “Image Src” folder works by opening at least one of them in your browser (with the barcode which you uploaded, because Ingram doesn’t have all the 10k images in their test image files).

7. Import your Ingram Excelify zipped CSV file to Shopify using the Excelify app

Upload your zipped CSV file which you got from the Dry Run into the Excelify app.

Now it should say it recognized it as Excelify format.

And then press Import.

Import process should look like this:

Importing Ingram products to Shopify - progress

Notice that some items will be Failed, because the app can’t delete some books which are out of stock, if it can’t fnd them in your store.

To be sure, after the import is finished, to be sure, please, download and review the Import Results file – last two columns will contain reasons for each failed import.


When imported, in your Shopify Admin the book will look like this:

Imported Ingram book to Shopify

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