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How to import large Shopify CSV file with the Excelify App

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Your supplier has given you the Shopify CSV file for importing, just there is one small issue – that CSV file is pretty large, but Shopify limits the import of CSV files to 15 MB.

The Excelify App comes to the rescue – with it you can import the same Shopify CSV file up to 2 GB in size.

All you need to do is:

Import Shopify CSV file with the Excelify app

1. Upload your Shopify .csv file in the Excelify:

Import csv file into Shopify with Excelify

2. Press Import and take a nap

3. Wake up. Products are imported:

Import Shopify csv with Excelify app

You may also compress the file, if needed and upload and import .zip file:

Import compressed Shopify CVS file

Good to know

  • You can zip that CSV file to make it smaller – and upload the .zip file.
  • Since Excel format has a limit of about 1 million rows, the Excelify has also its own “Excelify: CSV” format to work with really large data – with the same columns as “Excelify: Excel” format. You can export and import that format the same way as you do with Excel files. For more details about exporting to “Excelify: CSV” – follow this tutorial.
  • Read about all the formats you can import and export.