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Products: Image Command

Previously, to change images, you needed to include all existing images in the import, otherwise those images would get replaced with your new images. That resulted in quite many accidental deletion of images.

Because of that, the behavior of Product images has changed to be non-destructive by default.

You have the “Image Command” column now, where you can specify what do you want to do with this image. Possible commands are:

  • MERGE – will keep all existing images for your product, update data of specified images from this import, and add any new images.
  • DELETE – if put next to the image, then this particular image will be deleted, while all other images will be kept.
  • REPLACE – will delete all other images, and keep only those, which are included in this import.

By default, if you leave this column empty, the MERGE command will be assumed. So – no more accidentally lost images.

More details in Product Columns Documentation.

Read how to import images if you have them on your computer.