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Schedule import to Shopify from FTP server

You are in this situation that you have your Master Data auto-refreshed regularly and is available on your FTP server.

So you need to import it every day to Shopify from that FTP server.

This is how you do it with the app.

Steps to schedule import from FTP

  1. Prepare your FTP URL to the import file.
  2. Paste the URL into the app.
  3. Verify that the app has found the file and sees its contents.
  4. Schedule to import it at regular intervals.

1. Prepare your FTP URL to the import file

We will do that with our Demo import file.

Here I have uploaded our demo file to the FTP server /data directory:

Uploaded Shopify import file to FTP serverFor the sake of example, let’s assume that your:

  • FTP server address is:
  • FTP user name is: master
  • FTP server password is: secure123
  • File is in the directory: /data
  • File name is: Shopify-Import-Demo.xlsx

Then the URL to access the file on that server is the following:

ftp://master:[email protected]/data/Shopify-Import-Demo.xlsx

Universally, you construct your FTP URL in the following form:

ftp://user:[email protected]/path/to/file.xlsx

2. Paste the URL into the app

Open the app, and paste the URL into the upload from URL box, like that:

Import to Shopify from FTP server URL - paste the URL

Then press the blue “Upload from URL” button to start the upload.

3. Verify that the app has found the file and sees its contents

If everything will connect as expected, you should see that the file got uploaded and the app will analyze its contents.

The successful result should look like this:

Successfully analyzed Shopify import file from FTP

If you just want to import it right away, you can press the Import button and it will start the import. Maybe it’s even the right thing to do for the first time – to test if your file is prepared well so that it imports without any issues.

But if you want to schedule repeated import from that file, then…

4. Schedule to import it at regular intervals

Press the Options button.

Then setup the checkboxes for regular import and set the time when to import, and when to repeat, at what intervals.

For example, this will import every day at 02:15 starting from today:

Shopify FTP schedule import optionsNotice that “Take import file from URL” has your file FTP URL.

The app will re-download the fresh file each time it will do the new auto-repeated import.

Now, press the “Schedule Import” button, and you are all set.

If you need to see the historical results of those scheduled and repeated imports, press the “History & Schedule” button.

You can also cancel your repeated imports from there.

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