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“Variant Command” for Product Variants

To be more safe and exact, what should happen to Product Variants, when you import them, now you need to provide the “Variant Command” for each Variant row:

  • MERGE – merges new variants into existing product variants. Updates those that can be found by “Variant ID”, “Variant SKU”, “Variant Barcode” or Option Values. If it will not find such variant to update, then it will add new.
  • DELETE – will delete the listed variant. Requires “Variant ID”, “Variant SKU”, “Variant Barcode”, or Option Values – so that it can identify, which variant you want to delete.
  • REPLACE – will replace all existing product variants with the ones that are listed in the import. This will delete any variants that are not included in the import for that product.

If the Variant Command column is not provided, then app will assume the MERGE command.

Shopify add variants to existing product variantsFor more information, read the detailed field descriptions about Products.