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  • Import: LightSpeed Products – decompose options with quotes in it.
  • Fix: Import from Products with Google Shopping fields and “Metafield: description_tag” – was a duplicate key error.


  • Import: LightSpeed – detect CSV delimiter, sort the whole file before converting, remove the country prefix from column names.
  • Import: Tell that “Title cannot be blank for Products import” – to hint that this is Products sheet, in case you didn’t specify the correct sheet name.
  • Fix: Import – Orders with Refunds with processed_at date that have no transactions.
  • Export: Google Shopping – use SKU value for ID only if SKU has any value. If SKU is empty – generate the full Google Shopping ID from Product ID and Variant ID.


  • Import: Magento Orders – if “Customer: Last Name” is empty, then put the First Name in the Last Name field, because the Last Name is a required field in Shopify.


  • Mobile: make the job list look better when using Excelify from the mobile phone.


  • Import: allow updating Discounts by ID, without specifying the Discount Title.
  • Import – rescue from job crashes if filename is not encoded as valid UTF-8 characters.
  • Fix: Export to UPS WorldShip – AccessPointID to the correct element.


  • UI: Long item counts for export or import – not to overlap; better visibility on mobile.
  • Import: “Tag” and “Tag Command” column aliases for “Tags” and “Tags Command” columns.
  • Fix: Import Blog Posts – convert Blog Handles to Handles before creating them, to avoid blog duplicates.


  • Settings: Improve linked shop message for changing once per month.
  • UI: Stop reloading jobs list when the shop is uninstalled, but the app stayed open in another browser.
  • Fix: Import Smart Collections with product positions, make sure to always wait until those positions are updated in Shopify.
  • Send e-mail even when job failed with an unexpected error.
  • Fix: Import from WordPress: make it more stable on images that cannot be downloaded.


  • Schedule the next job even if unable to connect to Shopify, as this might be a temporary issue.
  • Import from Magento: if Variant has 0 Price – take it from Parent product.
  • Shopify reconnection improvements, so that the job doesn’t get stuck.


  • Import: Validating image and variant position.


  • Export: Auto-select “Order Line Items” checkbox if “Line Item Data” checkbox selected – so that there are Line Items in the exported Orders.
  • Import: Orders – Transaction as gift_card gateway changed to manual.
  • Export: Filters sorting improved.
  • Fix: Import – Discounts: “Applies To” with duplicate values failed.
  • Export: Date filters – add some, and remove some which don’t exist actually.
  • Import: Magento – put the quantity in Variant Metafield.


  • Import: Magento: Adding “Magento” prefix to the generated Metafields.
  • Export: Filters for dates – Created At, Updated At, Published At, Relative.


  • Shopify API: upgrade to version 2019-10.
  • Import: Magento – MSRP and other fields as Metafields.


  • Fix: Import Orders/Draft Orders – allow escaped \: in “Additional Details” and “Line: Properties” columns.
  • Fix: Export count when filtering by IDs.
  • Fix: Import from WordPress – catch SSL error when downloading images.
  • Export: Show count of exported items.


  • Fix: Export – Order Filters with default statuses.
  • Import: Recognize sheets like “blog-posts”.


  • Fix: Import Blog Posts with Big or Enterprise Plan created duplicate Blogs.
  • Export: Filters – combine different filters in the same export.
  • Fix: Import – truncate generated Handle to 255 symbols because it is maxed in Shopify.
  • Import: Failing job on variant loading error with a proper message.


  • Fix: Import from WordPress: conversion comments were empty for failed images.
  • Fix: Import from WordPress: invalid URI, validate old server URL, don’t download HTML as an image.


  • Fixed crash during job canceling.
  • Import: Improved performance of the multithreaded discount code import.
  • Fix: Import from WordPress: don’t crash if redirection is not allowed.