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November Release - Latvia


  • UI Fix: show months for the export filter date picker.


  • Import: Magento: collecting variant images also from media_image column.
  • Retry the GraphQL request if Shopify API has SSL errors.
  • Import: Discounts – show a full error from Shopify if discount code already exists.


  • UI: Show long filenames so that they fit on the screen.
  • Export: added filters for Discounts Title: “contains none of”, “matches pattern”.


  • Save the file to CSV format if failed saving to Excel file.
  • Import: Banggood – recognize more options.
  • Fix: Import – detect delimiters in CSV files that have \r line endings.
  • Fix: Export – “Processed At” filter for Orders to filter also by the time when using Relative Date filter.


  • Export “Tags Command” for Blog Posts. Unify colors for all “Tags Command” columns for exports in all sheets.
  • FTP: Retry uploading files to FTP if failed.
  • Import: Banggood: Improved option parsing and price correction calculations.
  • UI: Mobile improvements for Counts and Totals



  • Fix: Import Products: allow combining DELETE and REPLACE in Image Command.


  • When importing from external formats like WordPress, Magento, Banggood – recognize also file names in a singular form.


  • Magento: taking images from “gallery” and “media_gallery” columns to Product images and variant images.


  • Import Products from Banggood: allow to set in import Options – to remove images from Body HTML, or to keep images in Body HTML.
  • Improved export estimates.



  • Retry connecting to the FTP server 10 times, before giving up. Show error message which comes from the FTP server.


  • Fix: Import from WordPress: don’t fail the whole job if cannot download one image with an unhandled error. Show that error in Import Comments.
  • Fix: Make importing Products with Tags and Options simultaneous changes fast again.
  • Import: Magento Products – include “material” column as a Metafield.


  • Fix: Export Filters – reset filter value when switching between filter fields.
  • Fix: Export Filters – status filter crashed UI.
  • Fix: Export Filters – properly specifying max dates for daylight savings winter time.
  • UI: Polaris version upgrade to 4.7.2.
  • Fix: Don’t send an email twice when a job can’t connect to the Shopify.
  • FTP – try connecting to FTP using SSL/TLS.
  • Fix: FTP – catch all connection issues, and retry without SSL if SSL is broken.


  • Import: Banggood – improved options conversion to variants.